June 2017

Ok, So it’s only getting worse…Tax and websites- the two things I struggle to keep up with!

But, well, it’s been busy- very Busy!

I guess the biggest things to occur in 2017 thus far are the productions and I’m lucky enough to direct several really beautiful pieces of writing…

I have just finished the lovely chamber musical, Adam Gwon’s, “Ordinary Days”. The show was produced at Chapel off Chapel for a very limited but successful season. Again, the show was greeted with wonderful praise and standing ovations.

I’m now hard at work on my operatic debut, directing “The Coronation of Poppea” for Lyric Opera of Melbourne.  It’s wonderful and slippery and frustrating and exhilarating. It opens in a month and plays for only 5 shows (I don’t know how they do it in opera – so quick!)


“For a modern, character-driven musical, there is no better director in Australia than Tyran Parke, a proven master at illuminating the minutiae of human connections. Parke’s subtle, yet highly detailed direction brings the characters vividly to life…Lovers of modern musical theatre are sure to cherish this welcome production of Ordinary Days.” Simon Parrish

“Gwon’s music is beautiful. This joyous show will stick with you…These voices are wonderful, full and moving. The four-piece band sounds much larger but executes this exquisite music wonderfully…Ordinary Days is about people finding themselves and their partners. It’ll break your heart apart, piece it back together and warm it thoroughly… I hope this one gets the hype it deserves. I left with a sore face from smiling and slightly smudged makeup from tears.” Theatre people

“Ordinary Days is a slick contemporary chamber musical with heart… It is a relatable, believable and thoroughly enjoyable show about growing up and enjoying the view…Director Tyran Parke has done an outstanding job bringing such dramatic and creative gems out of these four talented people…there were some truly magical goosebump moments throughout…the music and characters pull us in and help us to see and appreciate the little things, which is so important, especially now.  Escape the cold and get swept up in finding the extraordinary in the ordinary.” Theatre Press

“Warm, witty and engaging…Directed by Tyran Parke, Ordinary Days is often funny and at times moving (There’s one scene in which I had tears running down my face)” The Blurb

“This production of Ordinary Days is sublime and verifies the show’s central idea that the ordinary can be beautiful… The stars must have aligned when Parke was casting the show, with all four actors delivering performances that were independently convincing and endearing, but collectively perfectly balanced and engaging… may well be one of the best things to appear on stage this year… Staging and direction is tight and effective, moments are bittersweet without being overplayed…sensitive and clever delivery of the actors and production team…The show runs for around one hour, but the production is so engrossing it feels like twenty minutes. Do yourself a favour and don’t miss this one.” BROADWAY WORLD

April 2017

2017 is just showing off really. I feel so lucky to have such great material and such great teams to work with. The highlight thus far is the wonderful musical, “Big Fish”. It is such a great show! I was pleased that it found an audience (at the Hayes Theatre in Sydney) that saw the same level of value in it that I always have. I felt very move by the response both critically and from audiences nightly.

The reviews were truly lovely. I hope to revisit the story again someday. But for now…it’s on to “Ordinary Days” at Chapel off Chapel in May…

“Director Tyran Parke has shined up the musical beautifully in an imaginative and wonderfully performed production… It’s the sense that this superb cast has pulled together to generously tell this story that lends this production its greatest magic. And, it has magic in spades.” Daily Review

“High energy show reels you in…Here, the audience is invited to do a little more of the imaginative lifting in a vivid production directed by Tyran Parke… Using the space well, Parke and choreographer Cameron Mitchell create memorable sequences” Sydney Morning Herald

“Parke has crafted a production that is immensely entertaining, genuinely moving and recreates the whimsical world that (writer) Daniel Wallace envisioned with such wonderful clarity… Parke and his team have worked hard to ensure that the professional premiere of Big Fish in Australia is memorable for all the right reasons.” Theatre People

“Not too often can you honestly say that a smaller independent production of a musical is undeniably better than a full-scale Broadway production, but Big Fish at the Hayes Theatre has surely got to be one of those times… Big Fish is a whimsical delight, all kinds of magic, and an absolute must-see.” The AU Review

“Tyran Parke delivers an intimate but none the less impressive, inventive interpretation… filled with passion and heart, presented with a purity and understanding of the emotions each character experiences. Do not miss this show, it is a definite must see.” Broadway World

“the separate round of applause not solicited but proffered for Parke at the end of the play, was well deserved… Big Fish is another exceptional production from Hayes that will no doubt excite both fans of the original and the uninitiated.” Arts Hub Australia

“Mr Parke, has created a beautiful production… One could not want a more wonderfully executed production, it is first class.” Theatre Diary Kevin Jackson

“this production hits all the right notes in the tiny Hayes space, with a wonderful cast and imaginative staging from director Tyran Parke…. this show will be seen by a wider audience.” Stagewhispers

“…radiates a great deal of love from everyone involved … it’s impossible not to be moved… Tyran Parke directs with a light, loving touch and handles the transitions between past and present beautifully, keeping the production flowing seamlessly… a delightful production here that will warm the cockles of your heart” Jo Litson Limelight

“Parke has drawn pitch-perfect performances from his entire cast… Parke’s clever use of shadows, simple, well-executed illusions, imaginative costuming and inventive choreography combined to transport his production into a seductive world of whimsy and fantasy transcending the confines of the tiny Hayes Theatre,.” Australian Arts Review

“One of the most emotional and enchanting theatre experiences I have had in some time. Be surprised and see Big Fish.” Dance Life

“Once upon a time there was a small intimate theatre that decided to put on a musical called BIG FISH and the show became a smash hit and just grew and grew…This captivating musical has a heart bigger than the Nullarbor Plains… Under Tyran Parke’s refined, accomplished direction, and thrillingly staged, the brilliant cast bring this story to magnificent life…With warmth, humour, whimsy and a magnificent cast, this show is phenomenal, theatrical magic and a must see. The full house standing ovation was more than richly deserved. Quick! Go treat yourself now”. Sydney Arts Guide

“managed to inspire standing ovations times three… The production is a delightful and charming telling of this tale, it is an incredibly pure little musical with a big heart. Sometimes when creative teams are limited by small stages and small budgets their imagination bubbles over and a fascinating creativity takes the stage… a performance that does not falter. Every character stands on their own as well developed; rehearsal time was well spent…the energy on stage was full to overflowing… Big Fish is a fanciful and carefully crafted piece of musical theatre, it brings the polish of the Broadway stage back home to Australia with a warmth and roughened edge that endears it to the audience even more. For lovers of musicals and classic narrative this is a great night out for you, that promises to keep you dancing, smiling and holding hands all the way home”. Talking Arts

“This rendition may be streamlined, but director Tyran Parke brings a richness to the staging, with simple but exciting visuals that live up, surprisingly, to the story’s imaginative landscapes. The cast is buoyant and bubbly, determined to entertain”. Suzie Goes See

“Spread the word: Sydney is currently home to a rare gem of a show… The Big Fish company have a lot to be proud of, and with recurrent standing ovations, it’s a show that simply can’t be missed by theatre-lovers… director Tyran Parke has tackled the challenge with alacrity. Most notably, Parke turns Big Fish into an ensemble piece, where all performers support one another as onlookers or as witnesses to the action, and adopt multiple identities. It’s a delight… Despite the physical restrictions, the production brings a lot to the table, and what it brings is innovative and original… this production makes a point of telling its story through deft subtlety… This production of Big Fish is glowing in love. The commitment and the pride of all involved is so clear that you’re sure to be on the journey with them for those two and a half hours…Under Parke’s expert watch, the company have created a piece of theatre which is dripping in energy and swimming in quality”. PROP Sydney Essential Theatre

“…Hayes Theatre take a Broadway flop and turn it into a six-tissues + standing ovation popular hit. The man largely responsible for this phenomenon is director Tyran Parke. His fervent wish and tireless efforts to stage Big Fish mirror the dreams and innate sweetness of the main character and the result is unexpected and enchanting…a production that’s quirky, funny and touching by turn… the company is as vocally accomplished as one might expect from a show created and directed by Tyran Parke. He’s made much more of the piece than is really there and brought out all possible heart and soul through the very fine performers… Big Fish is as cute and sharp as rock candy, yet it has a bitter-sweet centre highlighted by Parke’s telling of the tale, that lifts it to a place where heart strings are plucked and tears and laughter happen. Recommended.” Stage Noise

“Musicals that pull on your heart-strings are not an easy find, but Big Fish proves that imaginative but humble stagings can ignite the magic of storytelling equally, if not better than the often rife efforts of a full-blown spectacle…director Tyran Parke’s spellbinding vision brings the audience into the action of Edward’s charismatic storytelling…magnetic intensity shatters all hopes of leaving this enchanting production with tears unshed.’ Aussietheatre.com