July 2015

Tyran has left the task of updating his website to his personal assistant, me. Which is perfectly fine, as I don’t think that man has 25 minutes to spare between going from rehearsals, to shows, to the gym and buying chocolate.

The past few months have kept Tyran extremely busy and hard at work- nothing has changed there. He assures me that he is still quite good at singing and pretty good at acting but more importantly has remained dreadful at keeping Websites up to date, which is where I have come back into the scene.

The ‘whiteboard of madness’ is still full of projects, though some have been rubbed off to make room for new and exciting work. He has had a wonderful few months with shows such as A) Rob Mills is Surprisingly Good! B) Tyran’s own cabaret which was presented at The Hayes Theatre Cabaret Season in June and C) a musical by the Gay and LesbianChoir called Cheek to Cheek! Those are just a few highlights from the past month, but just wait until you see what Ty will be up to for the rest of the year.

11391484_898481056884852_8157598051418311531_nTo begin, lets flash back to more information on the Rob Mills show. Which also played in The Hayes Theatre Cabaret Season along side Tyran’s Cabaret, Children and Art-but back to Rob. Millsy and Tyran have a wonderful friendship and seem to have hit the nail on the head with this wonderful, hilarious cabaret show.

As Broadway World wrote in a review, ROB MILLS IS “SURPRISINGLY GOOD” is a wonderful cabaret worth seeing for everyone, not just those that are familiar with his previous work. Mills utilizes all the necessary aspects of the genre to share his personal story with energy and passion and prove that he is much more than people generally think he is. Broadway World

The show flowed impeccably, thanks to the writing and the clear vision by director Tyran Parke. Each moment of dialogue was there for a clear purpose, and each song seamlesssly connected the different stories to each other. There was never a moment of stilted orforced dialogue to bridge a transition. Aussie Theatre.

The show has been on tour for the past month travelling around Australia and performed to sell-out shows in every city. Rob and Tyran accomplished a wonderful piece of theatre with this show.

But, now 11062353_898687206864237_2646423326586290076_nlets talk about Tyran’s cabaret, Children and Art, which played for 2 nights at TheHayes Theatre in June. This is not the first time Tyran has brought this show to life. He performed the show in May 201
4 at the New South Wales Art Gallery Cabaret, which presented some of Australia’s best cabaret performers. Though this time around the setting was a little different. No painting surrounding him, or tables of keen listeners, this time, two sell out shows in the wonderful Hayes Theatre.

“Damn Tyran Parke. His cabaret CHILDREN AND ART has disrupted my precious sleeping. Not just because it’s a brilliantly written show interpreted by a charismatic and talented star but because it lingers in the twilight, full appreciation of the complexity just slightly out of reach. – Funny and silly with pathos to spare, sibling love shines through Parke’s writing and storytelling. And he is a wonderful storyteller.  – There is so much to appreciate about this show…Tyran Parke’s writing, directing, singing and storytelling lingers, encouraging the kind of reflection that disturbed my sleep. Damn that boy’s good!” Sydney Arts Guide

 Back tracking a little to June, when Tyran directed a performance titled Cheek to Cheek, by the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Choir at the Roundhouse Theatre. The show was packed with music classics from across the decades, from Irving Berlin to Donna Summer. In Ty’s words, the show was silly, fun, entertaining…and gay. As it should be! A wonderful time spent with all.
Now to one of my personal favourites, a show Tyran is working on for The Balnaves Foundation Opera House Program, helping the community connect with the arts. He will be playing a Tuba, and his name is Tubby! Brilliant! I am already giggling! This lively Babies Proms production introduces children to the different instrument families. The unique nine-piece proms orchestra (containing a bassoon, flute, piccolo, tuba, two violins, viola, cello, trombone and xylophone) brings the 1941 children’s classic by Paul Tripp to life. This show will be on from the 5th- 15th August and is suitable for 2-5 year olds. But, who am I kidding, ill be there!

Last night, the cast of Company, produced by Watch This was announced and Ty is thrilled to be playing Bobby! The show by Stephen Sondheim and George Furth opens Wednesday 16h-27th September at fortyfivedonstairs in Melbourne. “Company examines the affairs of the heart: can a sophisticated person in the anxious atmosphere of a major metropolis function happily in a marriage, sustain an emotional connection or even recognize love? More information about this role and the show will appear here in coming months”. Very exciting.

Stalker: The Musical h11742763_919810408085250_9124837786093261032_nad a work
hop performance at the Hayes Theatre a few weeks ago. Tyran was the director for this performance and helped the writers and creators take it to a place where it could be performed, as a workshop, before it takes a trip to the Fringe Festival in New York in August. The workshop was great and came together quite well! This marks the end for Tyran’s work with Stalker: The Musical. He wishes everyone involved the very best with his or her journey to bigger and better things for Stalker: The Musical

As Tyran’s personal assistant I am so glad he and I were able to find some time to get together and chat about his work and this year. There are many more exciting things to come, and these are just small sneak peaks for you all! You will hear from me shortly!

Until then…signing off.

Jaime (Tyrans PA)