February 2017

Ok, I’ve found a moment to write a bout the past – well four months! Oh God, that’s so embarrassing. I get up and go to rehearsals each day, one would think I could find ten minutes a month to update this website!

Anyway, let me think back…Well if we are going back to last October (last post was September) that means it’s been quite eventful…I finished working at VCA (Victorian College of the Arts) in Melbourne where I taught Shakespeare and acting through song while directing workshop productions of Seven Brides for FIVE Brothers (always the way at Drama school!) and Pal Joey and a concert.

I immediately raced to New York and saw a billion shows and even appeared in one – a wonderful concert at Joe’s Pub featuring artists such as Sienna Miller, Alan Cumming and several Broadway stars, all singing the music of Lance Horne. It was awesome but drunken Kareoke with Alan and Sienna was even better!

I spent December casting Big Fish and doing various Carols.

January was spent teaching at the New Zealand Singing School then I came to Melbourne to start my position as Course Co-ordinator of the Music Theatre Department at the Australian institute of Music.

But not before directing the Sydney Theatre Critics Awards which was a blast!

I also appeared in a workshop of a new musical at the Hayes Theatre produced by New Musicals Australia. directed by Damien Ryan.

I’ll soon go to Sydney to start work with a marvellous company working on Big Fish!

Till next month (I hope!)