May 2016

Well, I’m getting a BIT better! My last entry was in March and it’s now the last day of May. Given my track record, I’m pretty happy with this!

It’s been as crazy as ever. I’m just catching my breath after a pretty amazing few months.

A lot of my friends know the story of me coming face to face with a Fox in suburban Sydney on New Years Eve this year and how I invariably made that mean it was indeed, the year of the Fox. I didn’t really know what that meant at the time but if the past six months are indicative, I hope I see that damn animal every year!

After Great Expectations in January, I then sunk my teeth into a new Australian musical, Crossroads by Anthony Costanzo and Peter Fitzpatrick. It was a joy to work on with a very special cast. It received glowing reviews and played a very successful season at Chapel off Chapel in Melbourne.

Straight after I went to China to work for the Really Useful Company/NIDA for a month.

AND, I’ve just completed Follies in Concert in Melbourne but that is so special, it surely requires its own posting…I’m currently in Sondheim heaven as I rehearse up Into the Woods at AIM- in fact I gotta go finalise the design.

I hope you all get to see that fox!

A brave and trailblazing production…the execution of this musical takes a so-so narrative and transforms it into something utterly compelling, packed with charm, humour and so much heart, my own was fit to burst by final curtain. The Cast are sensational…Director Tyran Parke has focused on intimacy over spectacle, side-stepping the limited resources at his disposal by allowing the cast’s vocal and acting abilities to carry this show. Crossroads has shown itself to be the new Australian musical that deserves to go on to become an old Australian classic. Limelight


It’s evident that the team have poured a great deal of care and love into this production and the dedication is apparent on stage… Every number in Costanzo’s score is tuneful and easy on the ear ….  this work is effectual and visually pleasing… this confident “world premiere” could even be the first of many stagings, both here and dare I say it, overseas. Theatrepeople


This story of finding love and losing it is uniquely theirs, but it’s also one that belongs to all of us… Crossxroads is a brilliant piece of Australian musical theatre… The sets for this production were very minimal however used exceptionally well… Combined with the sets, the lighting of this production felt effortless and enhanced the effects of the large banners through the projection of light or images… Crossxroads is a fantastic example of home grown professionalism in theatre, the vocals were excellent second to the quality of acting and proficiency in conveying emotion…there was no lack of engagement — This production will take you through the full gamut of emotions, and back again! Theatreview


Alinta Chidzey is a true triple threat with a great voice, great looks and an endearing quality on stage.Tyran Parke nails beautifully in his direction… Bronte Florian succeeds in several cameos, and the fabulous Edward Grey was excellent. Stagewhispers


… the innovation and vision of a director who treats the work like a prized gem. The flow-on benefits mean that CROSSxROADS has attracted an incredibly talented cast and a highly capable production team…Director Tyran Parke has taken a relatively simple story and created a living piece of theatre…Parke wins us over with the intensity of the central romance as well as the amusing exploits of the comical second lead couple. Each of the eight highly talented cast members devotes their full energy and commitment to giving their very best performance… Anthony Costanzo’s score is a highlight of the new work… Michael Ralph’s unobtrusive choreography is performed with the same high level of skill that the cast brings to all their work. Kim Bishop’s costumes make great use of colour themes and help to advance the characters’ ages as ten years pass by… Simon Parris

There is much to like in Crossroads, a romantic comedy that is one of those rare beasts- a new Australian musical…exceptionally talented cast…Fitzpatrick’s cunning book…Parke’s direction keeps the staging simple and the action moving swiftly while the five-piece band is tight and tuneful under the musical direction of David Wisken…the quality of this production, with its fine cast, suggests that Crossroads could be the new Australian musical to watch. The Herald Sun

A superb musical score and the rich, strong and pure voice of Alinta Chidzey make the world premiere of this new Australian musical one not to be missed… The music and the lyrics are undoubtedly a highlight of CROSSxROADS, which is not without its lighter, merrier and more comedic interludes. The story moves along at pace and the well-worn saying “there is never a dull moment” comes to mind when reflecting upon the melodrama of this couple’s lives. In short,CROSSxROADS is an engaging triumph and a crowd pleaser. The Blurb