I know, I know, I did it again…I missed a month!

I just don’t know where the time goes…oh yes I do actually- theatre!

August/September has been a very busy period. I’m currently starring in ‘LOVEBITES’ by James Millar and Peter Rutherford at the (fast becoming as legendary as its namesake) Hayes Theatre with three other wonderful actors.

Its been a blast and recieved fantastic reviews that have all been added to the reviews page.

I also had a great time performing at the Actors Benevolent Fund (raiser) at Opera Australia a few weeks ago where I was honoured to Sing “Don’t Cry Out Loud” from The Boy From Oz…

“Can we call Tyran Parke one of the lucky Australians please? The man has one of the most pleasing tenors you’re ever going to hear. His high notes are light and smooth, and while he knows how to go all jazz hands – he still has machismo. The gay men of the music theatre who would kill for this gift! Beautiful rendition of this 80’s Peter Allen hit.” Diva Knows Best

Though it has been fun to tread the boards again, the most exciting project of late was my production of Mark Ravenhill’s ‘Pool(no water)’ which I directed at NIDA. It was a challenging project, taking a plkay written for four dancers, adapting it for 16 actors and rehearsing it in 8 sessions! Happily, it was a true pleasure and a brilliant experience embraced by all.

And now, I am being reunited with an old friend. The production of ‘Assassins’ I directed last year will soon go out on a tour of Victoria with a spectacular cast.

I’m a lucky guy…hope to see you in a theatre soon, Ty