September 2016

September 2016


There is a long version of the following story about what lead me to be currently housed in Melbourne but I’m not sure people look at my website for such stories so…let’s just say that I was living a very contented, busy life in coastal Sydney for the past 16 years and then I saw a marsupial who has since been christened ‘the Clovelly Fox’. I had a significant moment with said fox and subsequently followed it to Melbourne. (hmm, I fear it loses something in it’s abbreviated form.)


Anyway after ten years working at NIDA (National Institute of Dramatic Arts) and AIM (Australian Institute of Music) I’ve decided to disrupt my life a bit and follow that fox to new creative destinations and spend some time in Melbourne. I am happily working for VCA (Victorian College of the Arts) teaching and directing and working on several outside projects.


Last month ‘Into the Woods’ opened a treat in Sydney to a wonderful reception (see images below by Kurt Sneddon). I am now in pre-production for a commercial play and a musical both to open in the early parts of next year.


I’ve spent the past week narrating “Peter and the Wolf” with the Metropolitan Orchestra – including a very special performance for refugee children in outer Sydney. I then spent some wonderful time on the set of ABC’s hit TV series Dr Blake.


Next week I am going to the photo shoot for the aforementioned play with our two leads – can’t wait for the world to hear of our wonderful production!


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