June 2017

Ok, So it’s only getting worse…Tax and websites- the two things I struggle to keep up with!

But, well, it’s been busy- very Busy!

I guess the biggest things to occur in 2017 thus far are the productions and I’m lucky enough to direct several really beautiful pieces of writing…

I have just finished the lovely chamber musical, Adam Gwon’s, “Ordinary Days”. The show was produced at Chapel off Chapel for a very limited but successful season. Again, the show was greeted with wonderful praise and standing ovations.

I’m now hard at work on my operatic debut, directing “The Coronation of Poppea” for Lyric Opera of Melbourne.  It’s wonderful and slippery and frustrating and exhilarating. It opens in a month and plays for only 5 shows (I don’t know how they do it in opera – so quick!)


“For a modern, character-driven musical, there is no better director in Australia than Tyran Parke, a proven master at illuminating the minutiae of human connections. Parke’s subtle, yet highly detailed direction brings the characters vividly to life…Lovers of modern musical theatre are sure to cherish this welcome production of Ordinary Days.” Simon Parrish

“Gwon’s music is beautiful. This joyous show will stick with you…These voices are wonderful, full and moving. The four-piece band sounds much larger but executes this exquisite music wonderfully…Ordinary Days is about people finding themselves and their partners. It’ll break your heart apart, piece it back together and warm it thoroughly… I hope this one gets the hype it deserves. I left with a sore face from smiling and slightly smudged makeup from tears.” Theatre people

“Ordinary Days is a slick contemporary chamber musical with heart… It is a relatable, believable and thoroughly enjoyable show about growing up and enjoying the view…Director Tyran Parke has done an outstanding job bringing such dramatic and creative gems out of these four talented people…there were some truly magical goosebump moments throughout…the music and characters pull us in and help us to see and appreciate the little things, which is so important, especially now.  Escape the cold and get swept up in finding the extraordinary in the ordinary.” Theatre Press

“Warm, witty and engaging…Directed by Tyran Parke, Ordinary Days is often funny and at times moving (There’s one scene in which I had tears running down my face)” The Blurb

“This production of Ordinary Days is sublime and verifies the show’s central idea that the ordinary can be beautiful… The stars must have aligned when Parke was casting the show, with all four actors delivering performances that were independently convincing and endearing, but collectively perfectly balanced and engaging… may well be one of the best things to appear on stage this year… Staging and direction is tight and effective, moments are bittersweet without being overplayed…sensitive and clever delivery of the actors and production team…The show runs for around one hour, but the production is so engrossing it feels like twenty minutes. Do yourself a favour and don’t miss this one.” BROADWAY WORLD